10 Tips On How To Sell More Online


Selling online is quite a challenge for many online merchants out there. Many struggle as they don’t get enough online sales after setting up their online store.

Here are 10 tips on how to sell more online which merchants can implement for their ecommerce business :

Make Your Site Look Awesome

You don’t have to spend a tonne of money on your site if you’re already struggling.

Just make the necessary changes to it so that visitors who land there will find it appealing and convincing enough to stay and browse further.

If you’re at a lost, rule of thumb is to ensure your site has a clean look which aims to bring the focus on attention to the products that you’re selling.

Also, your site should answer the questions that visitors have pertaining to your product and services, so clarity is important as well as looks.


Make sure that you also have awesome product photos. Add more than 1 photo for each product.

Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring professionals to take your product photos. Just make sure you have a white background and good lighting with a reliable camera.

Your ecommerce shopping cart software solutions should allow you to add more than 1 product image per product.

Be More Visible

If you haven’t set up social media accounts for your online business, it’s best to do so and it won’t cost you anything (unless you plan on buying on buying ads).

The usual would be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you already have a personal social media account, you can add a Facebook page by asking your available friends to like the page after you’ve posted a few items there.

All those amazing product photos that you took? Share them on Instagram and Pinterest.

You could have different types of product photos. Some could be standalone while others could be “in action” shots showing your product being used or worn to make it more real.

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly, Responsive And Fast

With more mobile shopper these days making their purchases via mobile, it’s imperative that your site meets Google’s requirements of being mobile friendly, responsive and fast.

To find out whether your site is mobile friendly or not, use this test by Google :


Check whether your site speed is up to par with this :


If not, it could greatly affect your site’s ranking being displayed in search results.

Add Relevant Content To Your Site’s Blog

If your site does not have a blog, then check with your shopping cart provider on how to add one in.

You can add relevant tips and advice to the blog pertaining to your products.

Teach your customers and offer guidance on how to use your product in a better way and engage with them.

Create content that your visitors will find useful and want to share with others out there.

Offer More Than One Payment Option

Credit Card And Cash

Other than PayPal, there’s plenty of other popular payment gateways like 2CheckOut, Authorize.net along with offline payment methods like accepting checks, Cash On Delivery, online bank transfer, etc.

Checkout Should Be Fast And Smooth

Check that your checkout process is fast and smooth so that customers can quickly make their purchase and get on with their lives.

No one wants to get stuck in several pages of checkout what more if they’re planning to buy on their mobile.

One of the reasons for high abandoned cart rates is from unfriendly checkout pages.

If you’re not happy with your current checkout, please contact your ecommerce software provider and ask them for help on how to make the checkout process better and faster for your online site.

Check Your Abandoned Cart Constantly

If lots of folks are ending up on your abandoned cart list, then something could be seriously wrong with the checkout process.

It’s imperative that you contact these customers to find out what caused them to abandon their cart.

Was it shipping? Or their credit card was rejected? There could be a range of factors. Was the checkout process smooth on mobile?


Communicating with these customers will give you a clearer picture on what you need to do bring down these abandoned cart rates.

It’s also good to offer these customers a good incentive to complete their checkout since they’ve already expressed interest in purchasing your product initially.

Get Customer Info For Out Of Stock Products

Seriously, your shopping cart should have a feature which allows you to capture customers’ email address for products that are out of stock.

That way, you can communicate with these buyers once you’re replenished your stock.

Even if you can’t get the stock in on time, it’s a good way to communicate with customers to offer them alternative products or to find out if they still want the product.

Again, check with your ecommerce solutions provider on how to get this sorted out best as you can probably automate the email to be sent to customers and be notified at the same time.

Find Out What People Are Searching For On Your Site

You’ll be surprised if you discover that folks are looking for some products on your site that you haven’t offered yet.

Or maybe they were looking for a particular product that but they got the spelling wrong.

Knowing information like these will prompt you to make changes to your product description and product tags as you want customers to find what they’re looking for.

Give Freebies

Everyone loves getting free stuff that they could put to good use.

Express your gratitude to customers who’ve made purchases to your store by including a free gift.


Encourage them to share their purchase on social media by offering them a discount code or gift certificate which they could give away to friends.

The Bottom Line

Improving your online store experience includes making your site look good with nice product images and a smooth and fast checkout process.

Reach more users and customers via social media and through your site’s blog by posting relevant content and images pertaining to your online business.

Know what customers are looking for and give them a good user experience from the time they discover your products on social media to when they land on your site and through the checkout process.

Thank them for being your customer by including free gifts of either product, discount coupons or gift certificates and make it easy for them to share with their friends.

These are some of the ways on how to sell more online which every online business can work on.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Malaysia Tips


Thinking of setting up your own little online store in Malaysia to sell some awesome stuff? The ecommerce scenario has been encouraging as more and more Malaysians are now shopping online compared to a few years ago. Here are some tips when searching for ecommerce shopping cart software Malaysia :

Proven Track Record

You don’t want to simply use a new shopping cart provider that does not have any proven track record. Choose a reliable shopping cart software that knows what online sellers need to run a successful online business. One of the ways to know how reliable they are is to find out how long they have been in business. Time and experience in the ecommerce field is crucial as you want your online business to take off running in the right direction. The ecommerce provider would have extensive knowledge on what is required and what to avoid which online sellers have much to gain from their experience.

Powerful, Practical Features

Most shopping carts have a few plans for sellers to pick from. While there’s nothing wrong with offering a few plans for sellers to pick based on budget, please pay careful attention to the features that come with these plans. Do they require more payment if you need to use them as an add on? Are they charged on a monthly basis? Or do all the plans have powerful, practical features to help you run a successful online business without taxing your budget? It’s always wise to compare not only the plan pricing but the features that come with each plan among the other providers of shopping cart software Malaysia.

Fully Utilize The Free Trial Period 

Obviously before you buy a car, you would want to take it on a test drive first. Same goes when it comes to picking a hosted shopping cart software in Malaysia. All you need to do is to build your online store by adding in your company logo, categories, products, payment gateway and shipping. This would probably take you a few hours to a day to complete. Spend the rest of the time testing out the online store to make sure that you fully utilize the free trial period. That way, once you’re ready to sign up, your store is complete ready for customers to buy from you.

While it’s easy to use an ecommerce shopping cart software, online sellers need to look at the long run of doing business online. Hence choosing a reliable, proven and powerful ecommerce solution provider is crucial to run an online business.

Retaily Will Help Online Sellers Increase Conversion


Folks who sell online will know how crazy it is to encourage customers to make a purchase. There’s usually a number of ways to encourage customers to buy from you when they are on your site. Discounts, cross-sell, free shipping, buy one and get one free, the list goes on. But it’s totally different when visitors leave your site without making any purchase and online sellers have no way to reach these visitors again.

That’s where Retaily comes in. The smart dynamic retargeting service provider will benefit online sellers tremendously. This is provided that there’s a considerable amount of traffic that the site constantly gets. The way retargeting works is that it will monitor your visitors when they land on your website.

Visitors won’t know it but the software is smart enough to detect which product or products that they were interested in while they’re browsing the site. Most visitors usually end up leaving without completing their purchase. Some may have added a few products to the shopping cart but did not complete the purchase for some reason or another.

Once they leave the site and continue browsing elsewhere, Retaily will kick in to offer smart ads to encourage these visitors to complete their purchase. These will come in the form of cleverly crafted ads which may offer special discount or free shipping based on the products that they had previously viewed.

Online sellers who have lots of traffic to their site stand to benefit from using Retaily. Currently, InstanteStore and Shopify merchants can use Retaily for free to reach their visitors until the end of July 2015. The setting up process takes only a few clicks and can be completed at Retaily’s site http://retai.ly/

As more merchants who sell online realize that they need to have smart auto remarketing to reach their visitors, Retaily will eventually open up to more shopping cart software platforms for merchants to use.

Those who would like to know how Retaily works can watch the Retaily short video here :

With mobile ads on the rise, online sellers are turning to dynamic retargeting service providers to help them reach visitors across different platforms. Businesses who are still relying on old traditional ways of marketing can still make the change as the software will fully automate the retargeting work without the need for merchants to do anything. This frees up more time for merchants to concentrate on other aspects of running their online business.

Duo Residences Condo Design And Location

Duo Residences Condo

When we mention high profile properties such as the Duo Residences Condo, the first impression that comes to mind would be the design of the structure. Conceptualized by famous design architect Ole Scheeren, the Duo Residences has a repetitive cylindrical look. Most designers will appreciate the fact that the architecture is simple yet modernistic as it does not look like any other normal buildings.

Besides, people would like something different. Rather than stay in square blocks of pigeon holes, those who can really afford a good condominium would like to pick one that is both modern with an ideal location that is convenient for them to access.

The developer of the project, M+S Pte Ltd is a collaboration between Temasek and Khazanah National.

Looking at the design of the Duo Residences Condo, we can safely say that residents who stay there will get to enjoy the full facilities offered such as the amazing sky pool at the top with a spectacular view of the city. Imagine the night view will be wonderful too.

As the Duo Residences is an integrated development which will encompass an office tower with a 5 star hotel, it will definitely attract international firms and businesses to set up base there. And business travelers will find the hotel to be at a convenient location especially if they need to service their customers or have meetings with clients who are tenants in the office block.

It looks set to be a fantastic opportunity for those who have the funding to acquire a residential unit at the Duo Residences or to book one of the office tower space to set up their business. Looking at the response from the the newly sold out residential units, it looks like the project is a complete success before the actual structure is even completed.

For more information on the Duo Residences Condo, please click here http://www.duoresidencescondobugis.com/ to find out more about the facilities and concept design as well as the actual location of the project.

With the demand for residential units and commercial property still strong, many Singaporeans worry that they may not be able to secure the property that they want. Check out this short video highlighting the shortage of Singapore’s property challenge :

The Singaporean government is closely monitoring the situation now and have even introduced cooling measures since last year to ensure that the property pricing does not get out of hand. This is to ensure that their own citizens, permanent residents and foreigners do not end up paying crazy speculative pricing for property.

Bartley Ridge Condo Snapped Up In Singapore

Bartley Ridge Singapore

One of the main reasons why Bartley Ridge Condo in Singapore was snapped up so fast when it was first launched was the very fact that many young adults, singles and young families found the place to be really ideal for them to call home. As compared to some of the many apartments and flats that are available all over Singapore, what would make Bartley Ridge stand out with this group of people?

Well, firstly it is a new property development. And like most people, they prefer to move in to a brand new property which has not been pre-owned before. Some may not have the luxury of buying a brand new property as it is rather costly but for those who can afford, getting a condominium that comes with full facilities is a necessary requirement on top of their list.

And the location is rather good. if you are talking about staying smack in the middle of the central business district, that would be no end to the hustle and bustle of city life. Hence many prefer to live nearby the city center but not completely in it. They want to be able to go back home to relax without having to spend too much time commuting from work to home and vice versa.

Also, couples who are planning to have children would have researched the surrounding area for the best schools that they plan to send their kids to. And to keep cost down along with the time required for commuting, they would want their children to attend the schools nearby Bartley Ridge.

Those who own a car will be very pleased to know that driving around Singapore is easy and fast when you have you own mode of transportation. Within a few minutes drive they would have arrived at their destination. So it came as no surprised that many people quickly snapped up Bartley Ridge Condo when it was launched.

Developed by Hong Leong Holdings who have quite a number of property developments under their belt, Bartley Ridge look set to be in a league of their own as many young people find the project attractive with its good location and excellent condominium facilities.

If you would like more information about this project, please click here http://www.bartleyridgecondosale.com/ to view the design concept and related details. Bartley Ridge is expected to be completed within a few years for property buyers to move in but has since been nearly sold out since the launch.

Commonwealth Towers Condo Singapore Latest Property To Grab

Commonwealth Towers Queenstown Singapore

Looking to invest in a really good property in Singapore? The latest property that is launching is Commonwealth Towers Queenstown which will be 2 blocks of condo that are 43 storey high. There will be a total of 845 units up for grab and Commonwealth Towers Condo will have a 99 year old leasehold.

Property buyers do not need to worry as the developers are none other than reputable Singapore’s City Developments and Hong Leong. With a range of quality properties under their belts, this latest property launch is sure to be snapped up like hot cakes in a very short span of time.

Those who are looking to own a piece of property in Singapore will be excited to know that Commonwealth Towers is located only 1 minute away from the Queenstown MRT station. That makes it really convenient for people to travel by MRT to any part of Singapore.

The property will be built within well developed neighborhoods such as Tiong Bahru, Redhill and Queenstown. Only a short drive away is the Central Business District, Orchard Road, Marina Bay and Southern Waterfront.

If you’re worried about feeling bored, bear in mind that Singapore has quite a number of entertainment outlets and dining places that will make your head spin. You will never run out of malls or eating places to frequent as Holland Village, Alexandra Central, Ikea Alexandra, Queensway Shopping Centre and The Anchorage are only a short drive away.

Commonwealth Towers will come with a full range of condo facilities and property buyers will get to choose which unit type that they want. There will be a choice 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom units along with penthouse up for grabs.

For those planning to start a family, the location is ideal as it’s surrounded by reputable primary and secondary schools making it convenient for school kids to travel via MRT without parent having to worry about traveling time on the road.

If you’re thinking of buying Commonwealth Towers Condo as an investment, there are plenty of rental opportunities for those who are working in the Central Business District, NUS, NUH and the One-North-Fusionpolis, Biopolis and more.

For more information on Commonwealth Towers, please click here http://www.commonwealthtowersqueenstown.com/

Do remember that Singapore’s property market is really hot so the units may well be snapped up completely if you don’t book in advance as many residents and property investors will buy them up for own use or for investment purposes.

Here’s a short video on how Queenstown came about :

How To Stain Concrete Fast To Save Time

How To Stain Concrete Fast

Home owners who wish to acid stain their own concrete flooring will definitely need to have a good schedule to follow. Please don’t think that you could get everything done in one day. Obviously you can’t as there are a number of steps that one has to take to ensure that everything works out fine.

Since you’re wanting to save money instead of engaging the professionals from doing it for you, you might as well pay close attention to what needs to be done in order to know how to stain concrete fast so that you could save time.

The first step is to determine the amount of floor space that you will want to acid stain. Because once you have a rough idea on how much space you will need to cover with the solution, that will at least help you decide on how much acid stain to purchase.

You don’t want to end up buying too much neither do you want to keep making repeat orders because you under estimated how much of the stuff you really needed.

Don’t worry if the area is not a complete square. You will need to measure the length and width of the entire area. After that just multiply the width and the length of the area and you will have the are in square feet which you intend to stain.

Please also note that the smoother the concrete, the further the concrete stain will go as compared to rough concrete surface which will use up more of the solution as it will have to soak through the pores of the concrete. Here’s a very useful chart to give you an idea of how much concrete stain you will need based on the area that you have calculated http://concretecamouflage.com/figure_material.cfm

By the way, the story doesn’t end after you have applied the concrete stain. You still need to protect your concrete by applying a coat of concrete sealer over the entire area after you are done staining the concrete. Please make sure that the concrete is completely dry before you apply on the sealer.

See what I mean? With proper planning, you could get the entire project within a few days (provided you have it done during summer and that the weather is good).

After applying the concrete sealer and letting it dry, if you want a nice shiny look to your flooring, you will need to add a coat of floor wax over the entire area. Two coats of the stuff should do the trick. Normally, home owners apply the floor wax for their indoor flooring to give it a good, clean shiny look.

Here’s a short informative video guide on what you need to know when it comes to staining new concrete floors and exteriors :

Floor Wax To Protect And Beautify Your Flooring

Clean Floor

Your home flooring would definitely last longer if you make time to take care of it. While constant cleaning will over time make the surface of your floor look dull, this is when most home owners start to look for floor wax. It would be best for home owners to actually start taking care of their flooring from the onset.

However, not to worry as there are plenty of reliable and powerful solutions in the market that will leave your floor looking shiny and new in no time. It’s just a matter of picking out the right type of floor wax for your home.

Most people do not like the idea of waxing their floors as they have the perception that they need to spend incredible amounts of time on their hands and knees rubbing every inch of the floor until it becomes shiny. Those who are more of a perfectionist may end up spending hours or days making sure that every inch of their home is waxed to perfection with their own hands. Sort of like how someone would wax their brand new car. Well, gone are those days since the solutions that are on offer now will only require home owners to clean their floors before applying a coat of wax with a proper wax applicator.

Floor Wax Home

If you like the shiny and clean floor look that you normally see in the grocery and department stores and would like the same effect for your home to protect the flooring and make it look great, check out this site http://www.concretecamouflage.com/cat-floor-wax.cfm

Now, home owners could even choose whether they like a gloss finish look or even a matte finish look for their flooring. The type of floor wax that you pick will depend on the type of flooring that you have in your home. Whether it is wood, concrete, tiles or laminate, protecting your flooring will ensure that it last longer. And don’t worry, it won’t take you long to have floor waxing done. With the right equipment, you can have the concrete floor wax applied and allow it time to dry before you apply the second coating.

This is usually advisable for home owners who are doing floor waxes for the first time. They work best on all sealed surfaces so you could even apply them on to your stairs. Or basically anywhere that you would like to have a nice clean wax look. Wood floor wax will work the same way as well. The wax forms a protective layer on top of the floor so that even with high usage, the area will still look good and not have a worn out look.

Here’s a short informative video on how to wax your concrete floors :

Sonrisas Curriculum In A Nutshell

Sonrisas Spanish School Curriculum Level 1

The Spanish have their own set of curriculum structure for their children. It’s called the Sonrisas Curriculum and is basically catered for young children to help them learn the Spanish language. While some parents may have their own set of ideals when it comes to letting their kids learn a foreign language other than their own mother tongue, those who are looking into Spanish can rest assure that this is a properly structured curriculum that is easy to follow.

The Sonrisas curriculum is taught in early childhood and is basically a complete Spanish teaching program. Parents who intend to home school their kids and teachers who are going to teach children the language will find the program useful. The entire program consist of structured lessons along with the relevant explanations on how to make full use of the curriculum.

If you’re worried that the program may be boring, you will be surprised to know that learning Spanish is not just about figuring out the words and how they sound but that your child will be able to learn the art, culture, dance and music of the Spaniards when they go through the program. Each lesson is easy to follow and come with simple instructions. This basically saves time for the teacher even though they need to spend some time to prepare.

The best part is that the entire Sonrisas curriculum is affordable for any parent to get hold of especially if they are planning to expose their children to the wonderful world of Spanish language and culture. For more information on where to obtain these valuable resources, click here http://www.wor.com/cat-spanish-elementary-curriculum.cfm

Please also bear in mind that sellers of these products will also be very helpful to answer any questions you may have. So feel free to check with them if in doubt as these are quality educational resources that are not only concise but helpful in your child’s development when it comes to learning Spanish as a whole.

Dr. Seuss In Spanish – Why And Where I Bought It

Dr. Seuss Books In Spanish From WOR.com

Just recently I did what I had never done before. I gave someone a book as a present.

To be honest, when I was  kid, I was not too fond of presents which consisted of socks and books. I ended up getting a lot of those and not enough Lego paces.

But a few weeks back, I was was invited to a little do at a neighbor’s place. It was her son’s birthday. The kid was the only 5 year old boy on the street who could survive without being in constant contact with his smart phone or tablet.

I new from a couple of years back that the boy, Andy, liked to read and he had a knack for picking up languages really fast.

I remember his mom telling me that on a recent 2-week family trip to Spain, he managed to communicate in Spanish rather well after just a week. I personally think the kid is gifted.

So that’s where I got the idea for getting Andy a book for his birthday. And a Spanish language one at that. However, I wasn’t too sure what to get him. After all, he seems a tad on the advanced side for his age when it comes to reading material.

I decided to play it safe and ask Andy’s parents. To my relief, the boy does enjoy standards like stories from Dr. Seuss. In fact, he already has a collection of Dr. Seuss books. Well, I took it upon myself to help him start a new collection – Dr. Seuss In Spanish or Dr. Seuss En Espanol.

My wife hooked me up with Cindy from WOR.com (World Of Reading) and since it was close to Christmas, I decided to get How the Grinch Stole Christmas! or, in this case – ¡Cómo el grinch robó la Navidad!.

I must say, I haven’t read a single book from Dr. Seuss when I was Andy’s age. I picked up the reading bug only later in high school. I went from reading Guitar World and Superbike magazines to Lord Of The Rings in just one summer. But that’s another story.

Anyway, Andy was very happy with his book. He did hint that he would like another for Christmas. I might just oblige. I mean it would cost me just about $20 or so inclusive of shipping. The packet of imported quick-dry socks my mother-in-law got me last year cost more than that.

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